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19 Mar 2021, 8:32 pm

I like the first theme - it gives me a vibe of manipulation and like she's the type to believe she can do no wrong whilst doing horrible things. Her mask or eyepatch is a nice touch, it seems to suggest a two-faced or unstable character. The purple stands out against the pink (further, purple is sometimes used to show corruption in media and pink as innocence except in cases such as Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter or the Mean Girls movie which use pink to be overbearing and suggest insincerity). At first glance she's a round shaped character suggesting friendliness, however her pigtails are sharply pointed down along with the rest of her body and whatever she's holding. Her eye is open so wide and combined with the thin smile it looks as if she's just about ready to break but doesn't want to let it show. As if a call for pity.

The framing is intriguing - in the first video we are looking down on this character, as if she is passive, yet the music hints at something being amiss. As if she is secretly pulling the strings and those around her are oblivious to her power.

In comparison, in the second video the villain is looking down on us, suggesting a straight-forward confident ruling power that would be foolish to question.

That's what I gather from these characters anyway, I am unfamiliar with this anime.

Possibly B.A.P.


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19 Mar 2021, 9:41 pm

Lost_dragon wrote:
That's what I gather from these characters anyway, I am unfamiliar with this anime.

It is a good analysis. The full effect of the first character, can be hard to get across unless seen in animation, essentially that she is not animated like any of the other characters, sometimes as a flat 2D object that just slides across the scene, even animated as flipping like a 2D object, and able to lean on her character title as if it is tangible or across a split screen. Like she breaks reality, that it is all just a toy to her, and everyone who tries to take things seriously is a joke.

The show itself could be seen as mixed bag since it leans especially early on in fanservice and nudity, while I thin equally having something to say about forced on expectations. The villains really being something along the lines of the fashion industry, talking about strings Nui's position is as head seamstress, and the goal is along the lines of controlling the world through clothes, which sounds so silly but is just something I love about this particular show with a tomboy of technically a magical girl coming of age series with the action of a shounen. The heroine's first real arc with her series defining skimpy outfit is to stop caring what other ideas people put onto her for what she is wearing, that it is the problem of other people if they think she is dressing up for the wrong type of attention, and just have confidence in herself. Pretty much wearing something revealing, but a truly strong person might as well be practically naked but would feel no shame over how you are, because shame is just letting other people have power over you.

I have liked the message as an idea that could be relevant to anyone, but especially women, or those society might see as such. The same series also has the creepy Nui put opposite to the comic relief Mako, who is also unusual with her part in physical comedy that is rare for female characters. She is just the best.

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