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27 Apr 2021, 11:32 pm

Paramount Animation maybe known for SpongeBob and many others I may or may not about. But if what they made R rated animated movies? I think that's a great idea. What do you think?

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28 Apr 2021, 4:41 am

Adult animation is really tricky, because cartoons/animation, still has a childish or kiddie like theme or connotation to it. Even if you strictly market it for adults and R rated and mature, it's still gonna draw in kids because cartoons/animated/drawn stuff on TV and movies, still draws in kids, even though they didn't make it for kids. So you're gonna have parents complain their kids saw an inappropriate "cartoon movie" even though it was clearly marketed for adults and as mature and R rated, but that's how ornery people are.

Having said that, on the flip side, it causes many companies to think that it won't be taken as seriously or people will heed the warning that it's an R rated or adult animation, because cartoons and animations have that mindset and connotation to them. They are gonna think that people are just gonna think it's a kids movie, and it won't be successful for that reason.

Next, it just seems to make more sense to make animated productions G rated, and family friendly. I currently don't have any children myself, but supposing I did, I would want to take my children to something friendly and sensible for them to watch. Most people wouldn't feel comfortable that there is an animated movie, that they can't take their kids to see, and if the company only made the movie G rated or family friendly, they could.

Also, R rated movies in general make less. R rated movies can still do good at the box office, but they still make less than G or PG movies. A lot of people movie hop and sneak their kids into R rated movies, after paying a ticket to a G or PG movie to be sly and sneaky sometimes, so the box office doesn't reflect that as a sale. So yeah.

Lastly, production companies just don't see the need. The last R rated animated blockbuster movie was "Sausage Party". That was how long ago? So yeah, it's just not in these companies agenda to do that.

That's my opinion on this.

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04 May 2021, 4:05 am

Paprika (an anime R rated) is one of my favorite movies so of course I'm all for more adult animation. Is there a way to refer to adult animation that doesn't sound so pornographic? Anyway... I'm all for it personally, but culturally we just don't seem ready for it in the West. The only R rated animation we seem to make are wacky sex comedies (sausage party), not a diverse range of genres.