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28 Apr 2021, 8:22 pm

I applied for a university job today with three main parts and a list of required and preferred qualifications...

The job involves answering emails of people having questions about certain citizen bird projects (many of which I participate in myself), writing bird social media posts, and then there's the part about designing surveys about the projects and interpretation of them...

I mean yes, I know tons about the projects,. Birds, social media, etc... But previous experience with surveys is listed too... But I exceed their other standards and meet most of their preferred...

I mean, is it likely they will find some bird-loving person that knows about surveys??? I'm just asking if someone missing one of the Requireds has a chance..

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28 Apr 2021, 10:32 pm

It's probably worth applying still, and if it comes up in interview show confidence in your ability to learn about surveys on the job. Maybe do a little prior homework so that you are able to discuss it with them in a knowledgeable way.

Employers will generally give preference to candidates who can tick all the 'required' boxes, but sometimes no such person applies, in which case you would still have a chance.