Nikole Hannah-Jones Defends Critical Race Theory

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06 May 2021, 3:32 am

Mr Reynholm wrote:
Fnord wrote:
Mr Reynholm wrote:
... All of the arguments against the USA. Its called life on Earth among Humans.
Oh, I make no argument against the USA; I only tell the unvarnished truth about it.  And yes, I agree that the USA is still the best place to live, in spite of its racist, sexist past (... and its racist, sexist present ... and likely its racist, sexist future, as well).

How many of these people high tail it back to the old country when they find out how racist, sexist, homophobic and dangerous the US is?

This is like the response of a petulant child. Just because standard of living in other countries is perceived as "lower" than the US isn't a green light for homophobia, sexism, racism and ableism in the US (or any other prosperous developed country).

A sign of a mature society is one that tackles social equity and accepts deficits where they exist. Around 74 million Americans went into a brain freeze for 4 years and decided to follow a man who's only policy was to blame others for America's problems. Hillary Clinton was right, these people are deplorable.

In 2021 we are in version 26 or 27 of a new America. which the founding fathers never bothered to fix so that's your job now.