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04 May 2021, 5:14 pm

I seem to feel that when I see people out with their friends laughing, cheering and going to some trial-runs for parties and concerts so on after months of a lockdown is for some reason making me feel quite jealous. I seem to feel like I am the only one in their 20s and 30s NOT doing that and choosing to stay at home when I am not working. I also seem to wonder if maybe I have this thing, people are calling Covid 19 Anxiety Syndrome, in which people exhibit symptoms including avoiding going out (which in some way I am, except when I have to work or do something essential), checking for symptoms (sometimes I have but not all the time), worrying about getting ill (which I have done at times), and monitoring other people (which I have done some times although it won't worry me as long as they are in a bubble with the same people and masked up and social distancing from people not in their bubble). A part of me is saying ''Go out, you'll be fine as long as you wear mask or two masks and socially distance.'' and another part of me is saying ''No, stay away from doing that at the moment until maybe you've been vaccinated.''