Scientologist's demands for their children's nanny.

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07 May 2021, 2:48 pm

Consider the following list:

Hat Write up

Magical Nanny/Housekeeper Hat

Purpose: To keep boys well fed/well slept and house In order to provide sanity for parents!

Both the boys are to be treated with love, care and understanding at all times. The main focus is to ensure their basic body rudiments* are kept in, so that they are not crying/upsetting the rest of the house. Both of us work and whilst we do our jobs no matter what, it is best done distraction free. This means, if I am training I don’t want to hear crying or tantrums or headbutting. If the boys are at all noisy, take them OUT of the house. If they hurt themselves, keep quiet, apply Dianetics & assist tech always. I want you to focus on keeping them laughing/playing and chase them around. I want the boys active and not just shoved in front of a movie. Play with them. There is to be NO movies, whilst under your care, please turn your phone OFF whilst at work.

Their schedule:

730AM- 800 am- Eggs And turkey Bacon breakfast 8.30am - 9am- get them dressed and ready to go out for play.

Teach Dash and max how to brush his teeth, let him try and then give him a quick brush without paste until he can learn how to spit.

9-11am Take them for a run around wornom drive, get them to run, throw rocks and RUN with them, don’t stop them running ever. There are horses about 30 mins walk away up Sunland, get them to feed horses apples etc, play.


- Take them to a park and play WITH them, make sure you act like a kid with them, never serious, keep them in games, if they are not laughing, they are not happy. We have balls, trucks etc, take toys with you. If they are crying and yelling, they are not happy and as a nanny you need to get them back happy again.

11.00am- snack time- nuts, bananas, strawberries, cheerios on a plate each OUTSIDE on red table.

•RUDIMENTS- sleep, food, watered,

11.30-12.00 Pool time- YOU NEED TO BE IN THE POOL WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES! SHUT THE GATE AND HAVE FUN WITH THEM, teach them to swim, they have floaties, they must be on at all times. Never let them out of your site.

12.00pm Put them in bath downstairs, wash hair, brush teeth.

12.15 LUNCH time- Meatballs, or steak with ketchup, salad or cut up some cucumber, make it look healthy and exciting. Encourage them to eat. Eat lunch WITH them at this time.

12.45 -1.30pm -- NAP TIME- Put them to sleep with a protein bottle (1 tbsp prot powder and water fill it up) shake it and give them one each. They can sleep on couch or in their bed, wherever they are comfortable. If it is hot, put AC on and make sure they are not overheating.

Whilst they are asleep you magically transform Into a cleaning nazi.

List of cleaning jobs:

1. Empty the pram of everything, so it is bare.
2. Put all the toys in bins, find every bottle under cots, in prams, around the house and wash them, dry them, fill them up -
3. Pick up all the food bowls and put a lid on them.
4. Unload the dishwasher
5. Rinse any plates./cutlery- then reload them in the dishwasher, put tablet in, switch on.
6. Clean the kitchen so it looks shiny, shiny clean.
7. Sweep the kitchen floor
8. Vacuum the carpet in the living room
9. Empty all plates of food
10. Fold up any blankets of boys and put away.
11. Tidy their room up so all clothes are stacked away in their drawers, shoes are not lost, keep them in pairs.
12. Tidy up the bathroom, empty out the stinking poo poo bin, put fresh bin liner in
13. Put a load of washing on
14. If you finish all this, look around and find anything else that could help thinas flow in this household better!

If you can master all of this, then we have a happy house.


The two-page document is titled "Hat Write up", which Scientology watchers will recognize. In Hubbardese a "hat" is a job, so this translates to "job description".  But what has Twitter buzzing is the sheer insanity of this task list for a school-age (23y) girl being paid only $13 an hour.  What are your thoughts?

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