China Plan to Coerce India over Water and clean its air

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30 May 2021, 3:48 am

China is planning to cut its carbon emissions to zero as huge hyrdro-electric turbines will replace coal fired power stations. It will improve access to water fresh water for Chinese farmers and strategically control India's water resources in one stroke of the pen.

COVID-19 has allowed China to plan to build the world's largest mega-dam in Himalayas which will control 60% of the freshwater flowing into India. Dr Ruth Gamble, a historian of Tibet and Himalayas at La Trobe Univeristy, told the ABC News Channel this week India is concerned the dam will “basically become a hydro weapon for the Chinese”. ... 4291b75c33

The decision has been roundly condemned. To start of with, the remote region is almost impossible to access with the heavy equipment needed to build a megadam, and it lies in a heavily active seismic area that is not far from the epicentre of one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded.
Not only that, experts say the project would cause horrendous ecological damage to one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, destroy sacred sites for Tibetans and have devastating impacts on communities who live downstream.