An App to help Autistics communicate easier

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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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31 May 2021, 11:11 pm

I'm pretty new to WP, but I've started some discussions in the Computer Internet Games Forum, and I wanted to draw more Autistic people to the Thread.

I'm designing this app, to help ME communicate better, but wanted to see if anyone else had ideas how an app "could" help autistics communicate with NTs.

Here are my thoughts currently:
1. Social Cue misreads: Because I often misread NT's social cues, and usually totally get it wrong. I fall for the one who want to be friends, and ignore the ones who think I'm the cat's pajamas... So, this aspect would be as I introduced myself to new people, I'd ask them to visit my website after we first meet. This way, they can put down their impressions and interests where they involve me. I'll do it in such a way, that it will be EASY for these people to let me know how they feel about me. It will be like a game.
2. Over Sharing my Special Interests: I LOVE to talk about my special interests, but a lot of people find it boring when I go on about subjects that have little to no interest in. So, I figured with this website, I could publish "Stories" or "Articles" about my interests, then if friends/family tell me they ARE interested in a topic, they can go to this site and read the stories. It would enable some minor Q&A with the concept, and a way to let me know they want to talk about this.
3. I'm currently thinking that I will create a survey/AI that tries to analyze NT communications to "read between the lines". So, when messages come in, if this setting is "checked" the AI would intercept your message and add it's analysis to the message, so if I misread an message this 'analysis' might help me see the message in a different light.
4. I think this works both ways: If the Autistic attempts to send a message to an NT, the AI might suggest some friendly banter at the beginining of the message, and at the end...and it would analyze the message you wrote to make it sound less severe, or blunt.

What I'm looking for is ideas on ways that an App COULD help you communicate easier. Post your ideas here, or go to the other Posting and add them there. Once I get the App working, I'll bring it here and offer it to anyone who wants to try it.