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21 Jun 2021, 5:30 am

salad wrote:
cyberdad wrote:
What the heck happened to Persia? they were once the greatest most progressive empire in the ancient world till Rome. Today they are the world's biggest cult followed closely by ISIS and the MAGA cults.

Several things destroyed them:

The Arab invasion pretty much wiped out most of Persian culture and suppressed indigenous Persian religions by labeling Zoorastrians as fire worshippers and thus associating them with pagans. Unfortunately and very shamefully having been brought up in Islam schools I was taught to view the ancient Persians as barbaric fire worshipping savages who were enlightened and civilized by the Muslim invaders.

The Mongols under Genghis Khan wiped out another prosperous empire, the Khawarazm Empire

Hundreds of years of war with Ottomans then later different warrior tribes weakened them

The US CIA initiated a coup in 1953 and put a dictator that was hated by the people just because their former leader wanted to nationalize the oil

And as a reaction to the corrupt rule of said dictator the Islamist revolution led to Iran going 180 in the opposite direction

US sided with Saddam Hussein and armed him against Iran in Iran-Iraq War

It's no wonder Iran hates the Arabs and America. Both Arabs and America committed a horrible crime against a once prosperous civilization and subjected these people to hell and torment that's truly shameful

A pity, Iranian people I have met are such cultured individuals.


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21 Jun 2021, 11:57 am

cyberdad wrote:
A pity, Iranian people I have met are such cultured individuals.

I couldn't agree more.

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06 Sep 2021, 7:23 am

GGPViper wrote:
And thanks to the foreign policy brilliance of Donald Trump, he'll likely have nuclear weapons soon - perhaps even before the end of the year.

This is terible! :cry:


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06 Sep 2021, 7:43 am

naturalplastic wrote:
goldfish21 wrote:
The_Face_of_Boo wrote:
^ The MB are allied with Iran in some places Ie. Hamas.

It’s complicated.

Surely I am not saying the Saudi royals are democratic, yeah they killed Khashoggi, why that should affect which side to choose?

as if Iran’s regime never killed its political oppositions before?

Why is there any que$tion over which side America will choose? :?

Saudi's have bought tonnes and tonnes of weapons from the USA. Billions of dollars worth.

Iran? Nope. They've gotten sanctions instead.

Follow the money.. the other place could be a smoking hole in the sand glazed over by freshly formed glass for all the USA cares.

well...I was facetiously asking "which side SHOULD we root for?" as if there were clear cut good guys and bad guys. Not "which side WOULD we side with?". But -yes- you would think that the US would both follow the money (Saudi Arabia), and follow its traditional ally (Israel) and side with the Arab-Israel alliance against Iran. But Obama was rather even handed, and got pilloried for being too "pro Iran". Trump tore up the treaty with Iran and was excessively pro Saudi and pro Israel, and seemed to be purposely provoking a US-Iran war. Trump restored sanctions against Iran which some say forced the Iranian population to vote in this new hardliner. If thats a correct analysis then Trump left Biden with a fine mess.

That's pretty much what happens whenever people who refuse to see the bigger picture elect an unhinged narcissist as their president.

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