Pinterest to Ban All Weight Loss Ads and Images.

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01 Jul 2021, 12:39 pm

Pinterest has become the first major platform to ban all weight loss ads and images from its site.

The social media company announced on Thursday that, effective immediately, all ads featuring weight loss language and imagery would be banned from the platform in an effort to prohibit body shaming and dangerous weight loss claims.

The updated ad policy will also prohibit testimonials regarding weight loss or weight loss products, and language or imagery that idealizes or denigrates certain body types.  This includes any ads that reference Body Mass Index.  Ads that promote healthy lifestyles or fitness services will still be allowed as long as there is no focus on weight loss.

In 2019, Instagram restricted posts promoting weight-loss products so that minors couldn't see them.  Additionally, they removed content that made a miraculous claim about certain diet or weight loss products that come with a commercial offer.

TikTok has banned advertisements for weight loss supplements and increased restrictions on ads that promote a harmful or negative body image.

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