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Mr Reynholm

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07 Jul 2021, 7:53 am

cyberdad wrote:
Mr Reynholm wrote: ... -in-attack

Would this be considered a hate crime?

Obviously the courts haven't. Why? because the murderer Kollie was on probation for previous attacks on a random person because he's a drug addict, People like Kollie who are hooked on methamphetamines are quite capable of murder and his targets have nothing to do with race.

Next time you scour the internet looking for examples of black on white crime you may want to first check the mitigating circumstances.

But had the races been reversed would it have been a hate crime?
Had Michael Brown, George Floyd and Trayvon Martin been white would we have ever heard of them? What is the media agenda?


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07 Jul 2021, 6:57 pm

If George Floyd been white it would still have been a police brutality issue given it was all caught on film.

Chauvin was an experienced cop and likely has done things like this before and regularly so must have been arrogantly overconfident in his belief he would be perceived as holding down a resisting suspect when they got back to the precinct. It ironically reminds me of the character of the corrupt cop played by Denzel Washington in "training day" who was also so used to abusing suspects because he thought he would never have to be accountable as his fellow cops had his back.

It's really really rare to see a white cop go to jail for murder. You ever wonder why?. The answer to that question (which you and and a few others here carefully avoid) is why so many people of different backgrounds come together to protest against the police.

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08 Jul 2021, 3:25 am

It reminds me of some of the police murders that happened here in apartheid days. The most notorious case being that of the activist Steve Biko. The cops were virtually a law unto themselves.

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