Not quite diagnosable but tired of "normal" people

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22 Jul 2021, 6:18 pm

Double Retired wrote:
chaosmos wrote:
My only question is... and maybe some of you lovely folk have a similar experience... I also have a diagnosis of Complex-PTSD which has, without qualm, affected my neurological development and my interaction with the world. There is inevitably overlap there if one considers both C-PTSD and ASD presentation. But after years of therapy, the layers of trauma have been lifted to re-reveal who I actually am, which I believe, is wondrously gifted and limited all at once.
My knowledge of the alphabet was pretty much exhausted in this earlier post of mine in this thread. If we're lucky, someone who actually knows what they are talking about (which would not be be me) might join this Thread.

One thing I do know, though, is it's good to see you join us on this WP. Welcome!

Thanks for the welcome! I appreciate it.
Much of the research I have found has suggested that those with ASD are more likely to suffer from C-PTSD for various reasons. I'm finding it hard to find research that comments on the intersection of them both, but will persist!

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24 Jul 2021, 5:34 pm

Welcome differentpage

differentpage wrote:
Expert: "If you had ADD you couldn't even read a book."

Expert? Tsk. Funny, almost. I have ADD and I can read anything I like.

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05 Aug 2021, 5:53 pm

differentpage wrote:
Thanks, browneyes. Could be the same thing happening to both of us.

In time one learns that the experts don't know everything every time.

Double retired, in case you read this: I also asked if I could have ADD. Expert: "If you had ADD you couldn't even read a book." I have my doubts about that one. There is a lot of variation out there, but the list of things to check off doesn't take that into account.

As an expert myself...I tend to remind my peers of this point exactly, of course, they don't like it!

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06 Aug 2021, 9:32 pm

differentpage wrote:
I think the problem with my being diagnosed is that I have some understanding of other people's feelings, but then a lot of Aspies seem to have that. I can also do "small talk." I don't think I could when I was young, but you live and learn. Ask about their family, ask what they think about some current event, etc.

Most aspies have these social communication skills. It's just that they were never as instinctive for us and were learned late putting us behind socially and still seem less natural to us.

differentpage wrote:
I haven't undergone formal testing, but have asked a couple of professionals, when I used to try to get people to like me and went in for counseling about it. They dismissed the Asperger's idea.
Did they think you had other problems they were going to be able to help you with?

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07 Aug 2021, 12:47 pm

CarlM wrote:
Did they think you had other problems they were going to be able to help you with?
You wouldn't suggest that someone who did therapy for money might steer you toward a disorder they provided therapy for and away from a disorder that would make it necessary to pay someone else for therapy...would you? I could think that was being cynical (or honest...or both). :roll:

However, I will note that the Psychologist who diagnosed me did therapy for Autistics, knew I was not interested, did not push me on it, and barely mentioned that she did that kind of therapy. I thought that spoke well of her.

Possibly of interest to this thread:

"There’s Neurological Evidence to Support A Link Between ADHD And Autism"

Personally, I consider that very, very bad news. I already share just about everything with my ADHD would be nice if we could at least have separate "disorders".

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