Why Is Science More Important Then The Lives Of Humans?

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24 Jul 2021, 11:01 am

It should never be more important as people should always always come first.

So why do we have governments and others using vast amounts of money to do un-neccassary experiments and projects that if the money had gone into saving lives, thousands, if not millions of lives could have been saved? And I am not talking about the medical field of science. I am talking about why are we spending huge sums of money into space exploration and then building massive machines with all they do is collide particles into each other while here we have starvation and cruel death by conflict and we spend our money on this? What is going on? "To find out how life began". What obserdidty of an excuse is that!

They say the world is overpopulated? Who said that? Who claims that? We have enough land to support a world population a hundred times what it is now and the ONLY thing that prevents us from growing and distributing that much food and probiding safe places foe people to live is capitalist greed.

The very ones who are spending the funds on needless crazy things are the very ones who are preventing the poor and needy from getting help.

And when we do use this scientific technological advancements, we tend to use it to make machines to destroy life and not preserve it. What are we doing?


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24 Jul 2021, 11:23 am

I agree with a lot of this, to an extent. A government that cannot provide for its constituents' basic needs should rethink its fiscal priorities. I feel like most scientific pursuits are still worthy of funding--some moreso than others. Things which provide benefits to people's everyday lives should take priority.

The idea that mass hunger is the fault of the common people for breeding too much is essentially victim blaming. We have the means to feed everyone on earth. But because we live in an economic system where profit trumps all other concerns, people are going to starve. When we only consider feeding and housing those who can be profited from, we are accepting in the name of greed that some do not deserve to be fed or have a roof over their heads. They deserve those things less than those with wealth deserve to have to pay taxes to provide those needs as public services--supposedly.
This obsession with profit is immoral and impractical.

The government loves to fund scientific endeavors which destroy life because the state is upheld by force. Physic, engineering, chemistry--these are all fields that can be twisted into making weapons for the state to turn against other nations or its own people if deemed necessary. There are times I've suggested that statists love science as long as it can be turned towards profit or killing people on behalf of the government.

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24 Jul 2021, 12:27 pm

No government would able to "save lives" in the first place if it werent for scientific research. Every medical advance is due to scientific research. The title of the thread is stupid.

In effect youre asking "why is science more important than science?".


You could ask "why do government have the priorities they have in spending taxpayer money?"
Why do governments spend more money on death (ie military and weapons innovation) then on life (curing disease)?

Like that.
Those would be better ways to frame the question.