When people try to make a joke funnier but it doesn't work

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28 Jul 2021, 2:49 pm

I can't explain what I mean but I'm not complaining. But anyway do you sometimes say something funny and then the other person alters it to try to make it sound funnier but it's actually not?

For example, one time I was with my cousins and we were talking about the world ending. Then one of them said "it won't end until another 3 thousand million years". So I said, "yes, 3 thousand million years and a day." They all laughed, then one of them said "3 thousand million years and a minute" then added, "no, 3 thousand million years and a second....3 thousand million years and a nanosecond...." I laughed but the joke actually sounded funnier with "and a day" added and got less funny the less extra time was added on to the 3 thousand million years. It actually kind of ruined the joke, as my original words got the most laughs.

Do you see what I mean? I suppose we all do it sometimes, it's not an Aspie or NT thing, and it's not problematic. I just wanted to know if anyone here does this or know people to do it. Do you think dry jokes sound better when they're original, rather than being altered in the same minute they were originated?

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28 Jul 2021, 11:01 pm

I've done this a lot. Even in seemingly serious situations.

Jokes gets diluted when repeated over and over until it's overused or overdone...

It's usually funny the first time -- to counter on the second time can get it funnier.

But to continue further may lead to two possibilities; escalation (which laughs may extend until in anything else or turn into something nasty and awkward) or gets old (which in turn awkwardness whether or not it goes on, or simply to die it down and too awkward to continue further).

Unless it's a running gag or some inside joke that involves rapid fire comedy.

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