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04 Sep 2021, 6:11 pm

Yes, add to that personality. I am extraverted and it helps and hinders. I am much more "out there" and my theoretical EQ is amazing (my practical isn't great b/c of processing delay), but I am so very upset by not connecting or relating to folks (and more insecure on a daily basis), while it seems my introverted BFF and daughter are content to be alone (and more secure on a daily basis).

So there is the stereotypical Autism : the quiet, aloof male who has public fits - and the opposite of that stereotype: the gregarious, huggy female who has internalized fits, and everything in between and beyond. To be non-verbal and underestimated is a curse and a blessing. To be verbal and overestimated is a blessing and a curse. Although I appear outwardly to be low needs, my evaluator agrees I am actually moderate needs in many areas and have been fortunate to be able to obtain resources and/or persevere.

To have a "big" active life, I pay the price. My therapist would love for me to cut back --- could I? I have had so much crisis in my life while my BFF has had very little. While I am fairly good now at dealing with crisis, I long for a period of stability in my life. While she has had a fairly crisis-free life, she goes out of her way to avoid it. All ways, eh? So I would say for an ASD person there can be much positive, but there can also be much negative. For some people there is more or less positive or negative --- for some people there are times of more or less positive or negative.

Good luck with your blog!! I started one for parenting (a twice exceptional parent to twice exceptional children), but did the typical three months and stopped. I keep noting ideas and tell myself I'll get back to it. It's hard when we don't know who's "listening" and if it makes/how to make a positive impact.