The world is, and always has been, full of injustices.

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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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24 Sep 2021, 3:16 am

Yes, I get upset sometimes when I am unfairly treated but if there’s nothing I can do about it there seems little point becoming emotional about it. But i do cry anyway.

How do injustices make you feel? And are you able to express how you feel while you feel unfairly treated? Or do you have to gather your thoughts at a later time. And what's people's reaction when you do that?


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24 Sep 2021, 7:07 am

I noticed you live in Italy. Many years ago my wife and I arrived in Rome by train. During the trip I read in a guide book about Rome that there were gypsy thieves who would operate with a woman with a child. The woman would be holding a cardboard sign and while she distracted you the child would pick your pocket. We were not in the train station ten minutes when I saw a gypsy woman with a child and a cardboard sign.

There was a tremendous amount of satisfaction in having been prepared and identifying a situation clearly as to the hazards it represented. Yes, the world is filled with people who seek your harm. However, knowing this and being able to avoid the problems most of them can cause is a good survival tactic.

There was a recent historical time when most people attempted to live their Christian faith. This resulted in a much lower level of individual injustice. One affect was that many people came to assume that this was the natural state of man. As Christianity went into decline, the more natural (predatory) nature of man came to be exposed. Those who were still trusting in a world they thought safe were more easily misled and exploited.

The problem of living in the natural world is that even if you think you are "street smart" you can still be hoodwinked. I was stationed near New York when I was in the Army. One weekend a friend who was from New York State offered to show me the city from his perspective of familiarity. A guy selling an expensive (stolen) watch offered it to my friend for $100. My friend negotiated it down to $12. He took it to a pawn shop to sell and they offered him $8 because it was not an expensive brand as he thought, but had a tiny difference only detectable with a jewelers loupe.

It is tricky to navigate through a world where there are predators seeking your money, time, affections, loyalties, and vote. One has to have developed a good ability to estimate risk. This can be extra tricky when applied to affairs of the heart because people can be self-deluded and sound sincere.


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24 Sep 2021, 10:18 am

Yeah...the world sucks.

But, like you said, we have to adjust to that fact.

There's good and there's bad in everything.


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24 Sep 2021, 12:34 pm

I also cry from time to time. But i think i also have come to the acceptance that good and bad Will always exist. The world Will never be a paradise and people Will never be angels. Every one has their own problems and suffering and some people just make the wrong choice to inflict pain upon other people when they can't deal with their negative feelings.

Others are sadistic and prone to cruelty and have little sense of conscience. But they are also weak people. I try to think of it like this. No matter how powerful people seem when they hurt you, they are Just as weak and vulnerable as every one else. And they will also inevitably die one day.

Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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24 Sep 2021, 2:04 pm

My thoughts on justice (and fairness) are that they are behavioral tools that allows us social animals to cooperate well enough to exist as such a huge society compared to other species. They aren't intrinsic properties of nature beyond ourselves. The only reason it exists is cause it keeps us from metaphorically [and kept our distant ancestors from actually] cannibalizing ourselves into oblivion.

And as is said about engineers, we have little awareness of them when things are going as expected. And that's where things, on a individual basis, go wrong; expectations. When events diverge from our expectations, it makes us feel like s**t and upset about everything.

I can get that expectations are an important behavioral tool, but at the same time I hate it very deeply. My mind is well capable of managing and figuring out all kinds of matters, but being part of action and having my expectations shattered with injustice and unfairness just destroys me. Anger and frustration overwhelm me and cripple my ability to act, and sadness, depression and despair make it infinitely harder to do anything about it in the future, not to mention the learned avoidant behaviors that my brain picks up after feeling so bad it.

I think it's my autistic quirks that make this so bad for me. In particular, my social accounting (which has been a very noticeable part of me for as long as I can remember even as a child) keeps detailed appraisals of everything going on, and when balances aren't kept it frustrates me to no end. Even when I successfully ignore or reason away imbalances, it builds up stress inside me that I often don't feel until I notice my behaviors and feelings changing, sometimes subtly, sometimes only when reaching the point of being completely overt.

Except for a rare few things, I don't hate my autistic quirks. I just hate how my body and subconscious brain reacts to it all.

But then again, if I wasn't so aware of justice and fairness, wouldn't that also mean I'd be a much less kind and understanding person to others? Or maybe it's just that I'm leaning too much to one side, and it's THAT imbalance which is making me suffer so.

Thank you deeply for sharing your experiences. I don't feel so alone anymore.