Will going to a gym make me happier than if I didn't ?

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02 Oct 2021, 1:47 pm

I seem to find myself occasionally working out with weights and press ups during this time as means to look more attractive and interesting to people and allowing myself to fall victim to the media perception that seems to imply that you must look attractive with muscles and so on and not with arms that look like skinny sticks that I seem to think mine are. I've never gone to gym and probably never will as I seem to think I'm not passionate enough to go and work out every single day as I feel I also want to be doing other things that I'm more interested in like reading and trying to write a book or playing a game. I used to like doing physical education at school doing basketball, football and swimming. I would even sometimes once a week go out with my dad and sister doing swimming but I cannot seem to get my mindset to do those activities on my own as it just seems like its better doing it with other people. I do seem to think that us guys who have not so much muscle on our bodies are quick to blame the models or even people from reality shows like Love Island for the fact that we don't look them when clearly it is ourselves to blame.


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02 Oct 2021, 1:53 pm

You said that you have little motivation in doing exercise on your own. Maybe joining a running group in your area. Running will keep you in shape, it will build muscle but it will also keep you trim as well.

Also a well balanced diet will help you with muscle growth if you are working out.