Upcoming 2 entertainment series I created

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03 Oct 2021, 10:21 pm

I’ve been cartooning since I was 11, and I’m coming up with an adult series for my comic, and a family friendly animation cartoon I plan to air on Cartoon Network to demonstrate lessons on fairness even though they have moments of mistakes (like every human being) but then learn from them. It’s a combination of righteousness, comedy, action and other stuff everyone wants combined with life lessons. The comics are geared towards Men 18-40 even though if you are over 18 anyone has a right to watch it. For the animation cartoon it’s aimed towards adolescence, mainly ladies, but then again made for every gender, age, etc. both of the heroes make friends with others who have been oppressed and bullied like themselves. They’re both in process but I hope to complete them soon and help others.