The dangers of giving out Personal Information on the intern

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29 Jul 2007, 10:25 pm

Silver_Meteor wrote:
Personally, I would never deliberately portray myself as someone of the opposite sex. But in my viewpoint, I would see nothing wrong between a 49 year old and a 19 year old who voluntarily choose to have a relationship. Would it draw condemnation? I am sure it would. But aren't Aspies at 49 or 19 consenting adults(just like NTs) who can make their own decisions about whom to have a relationship with?

I agree. I have a friend who is 23 and is dating a guy in his forties. They are really serious, too. They've been dating for a couple of years.
My roommate sophomore year though had been dating a 31 year old guy, and they'd been dating since she was 16 (when he was twenty-eight). That is creepy I think, even though the age difference is smaller than in the above example, because she was underage.


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29 Jul 2007, 10:34 pm


I think you have been forcing me for this information, however you should not be forcing and the assesses of troubling against the law of internet protocol for harassing me. I have noticed you have been very angry about other things too.

Therefore i should have warn you to behave yourself in your level of maturity that may causes you stress and anger. I think you should go and see Dr Attawood or Dr Underwood in Brisbane to give you some advice of learning the level of anger, maturity, bullies and so whatever.

Pleae do not do this again over the internet, other person may be alot more dangerous than i am, but i concerned myself is not dangerous. Just becareful what you are doing to someone through the internet and even out in public places.