What is your opinion on stereotyping and bullying?

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28 Nov 2021, 6:25 pm

What do you think about stereotypes such as that if someone is passionate about sports, e.g. soccer or skateboarding, they must be idiots, they neglect intellectual development and vice versa that people called Nerds or (Intelligentsia) bad sports?

My point is that in the Slavic culture, especially Polish and Russian, there is a social class called


the same as Nerd and geeks in Anglo-Saxon culture or Otaku in Japanese culture, that if you beat such a kid / man at school / university, he will not give up because he will be afraid that the school principal will punish him (expelling a student is not as simple as in the UK, USA or Australia) either the dean expelled such a student from the university or he orders to repeat the year :-(
As a child, I had a friend who had ADHD and was myself suspected of having ADHD. but in the end I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when I was 16-18 years old which is somewhere in 2002-2004.
This friend was a skateboard freak, he was also good at science, it pissed him off that he was taken for a moron just because he liked sports and playing outside, outdoor activities
He was also gay, but he did not show it off, although he confessed to me and generally did not hide it, which was then a phenomenon in the early 2000s :-)
He was telling me a story that in the West they have us Poles as Anti-Semites. homophobes and racists, when many people from Africa allegedly came to Poland to study as part of the aid of the former Comecon countries for the countries of the 3rd world.
And the commies, as they ruled, that f..gs like us, , are obliged to serve Poland as soldiers, when there was a ban on military service in America at that time, that is, they cannot disclose it, although one communist general who approved the conscription of people with homo or bisexual orientation, wrote that gays can serve unreservedly in every possible way, and even better that, as he said in the memo, in the event of a nuclear war between the Warsaw Pact and NATO, the USAF Yankees will do the final solution to the gay issue for us, because gays, lesbians and reservists over the age of 45 years will be in the 1st strategic throw, as units that were to be in the field when the Yankees will make Hiroshima of Poland, a better part of the Polish society will be in the ABC bunkers together with the commander-in-chief :-(
This friend said that once someone found out that he was gay and tormented him because of it, but he beat this boy and finally smashed his skull with a skateboard, nothing happened to him, he landed in the ER, they did trepanation of his skull, and he landed in the juvenile court of our Polish Third Republic, he was convicted of "exceeding the limits of necessary defense" and then he was diagnosed with ADHD, he was not convicted, the court refrained from imposing a penalty due to his young age, I saw that it was a very unpleasant situation for him that I feel sorry for him, and even this bully, my friend said to f**k him, it's a pity skateboards because he broke it on the head of this jerk ;-)