Edmund Arranga founder, President of anti vax AutismOne dies

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10 Dec 2021, 8:11 am

Ed Arranga Dies At 69

Representatives from AutismOne, the United States’ largest parent-run autism conference, announced today with great regret the passing of its Founder and President, Edmund Arranga. Mr. Arranga passed peacefully on Monday, December 6, 2021, in Gilbert, Ariz., surrounded by his friends and family, including his two sons.

As the father of an autistic son, Arranga retired from his position as a senior software engineer at Boeing in 2002 to dedicate his life to finding a cure and treatment for autism and autism spectrum disorders. After leading experts told him that the disorder was genetic and no cure would ever be possible, he met with Bernard S. Rimland, PhD. Like Arranga, Rimland had been told similar theories regarding his own son. However, Rimland reported improvement in his son and other children after implementing a number of treatment strategies from a burgeoning field known as functional medicine.

Intrigued and encouraged by a potential positive outcome, Arranga tried the same methods with his son and became convinced that there were better options available to help children with autism than what were currently in use by mainstream professionals. He founded AutismOne in 2002 with the goal of bringing together experts from the medical community, along with the foremost authorities in autism and behavioral research to provide the latest information and inspire hope among families living with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

Arranga continued to explore drug therapies, homeopathy, cranial osteopathy, chiropractic, the use of medical marijuana, and any other therapy he found to be safe and beneficial, not just for the children but for the families, as well. When he heard of mothers who had committed suicide under the duress of providing care for an autistic child, Arranga brought in psychologists, counselors, essential oil experts and chefs to help parents find ways to cope. He also developed avenues for parents to network and develop support systems outside the conference.

Masks Fall When Antivaxxers Congregate
- The recent AutismOne virtual conference featured anti-vaccination speakers who focused mainly on sowing doubt over the safety and need of HPV vaccines, which prevent cervical cancer in women
- The conference featured a virtual screening of the documentary Vaxxed II, a montage of testimonies from parents who feel persecuted spreading the false notion that vaccines cause autism.
- Keynote speaker Robert F. Kennedy Jr. compared his fight against vaccines to a “revolutionary war” and implored viewers to join school boards and run for political office.

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