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03 Jan 2022, 12:27 pm

Any app players?

It took me some time to learn sudoku on paper, then I got the app, and now I've gone to killer sudoku, expert level. I hated the paper game as I needed to mark possible answers to see the overall pattern to be able to finish the more difficult puzzles. The app allows you to mark possible answers for each square. The expert is a blank 9x9 matrix with 0 to 3 single clues and the rest requiring math to complete two squares and up to six squares.

best time is 11.46
avg time is 22

I love the pattern recognizing based on the math. I never was quick with addition, but enjoy the challenge to get a high score. I don't know if mistakes count against the overall score but I have around 250 mistake free games out of arounf 1000 games started.