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Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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17 Jan 2022, 4:56 am

I only really like animals if they are not that close to me. It's nice watching the birds at the lake where I live.
Dogs are difficult for me. Perhaps cats are easier but I'm not sure.
Some say that dogs are easier than humans but I don't really experience that. Dogs seldom focus on the social rules that is so important...or perhaps they do but in a way that is a lot about non-verbal. That's what we have issues with. Sure, humans and dogs are very similar but we humans have social norms. Dogs just pee everywhere. That's disgusting! Well, a drunk man might pee anywhere... And when you meet a dog it will never say "Hello!". That's not ok according to social rules and why should dogs be judge different that me?! Well, they get to do a lot of crazy stuff without people complaining...ok, some do but most just accept there strange behaviours.

The big question is: if people with ASD have difficulties with non-verbal language how can many be so good at non-verbal language needed when talking to dogs? Or are there many different kinds of non-verbal language? What do you dog lovers have to say?

Aspie With Attitude
Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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17 Jan 2022, 5:46 am

A couple of months ago I had uploaded this video discussing how and why some autistic individuals do show some sort of animal connection. I even mentioned Temple Grandin's connection with animals and how she made a career out of it.

I am "Aspie With Attitude", an Autistic YouTube Creator talking about life, my special interest, autism issues etc.

I also make fantasy test card animation and mix my own music.

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