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28 Feb 2022, 10:49 am

It's Sort of Like, A Couple of Days Ago, When i Went to Walmart
On Saturday Night And One of the Cashiers
Was Still Spouting Non-Sense About 'The

Virus Was A Government
Sponsored Hoax,' While

my FRiEnDS

Died FOR REAL, DEAD; i Really
Wasn't in the Mood to Hear that
And i Don't Think Anyone With A 'Soul'
At Least Wants to Hear Any Conspiracy Theories

Here that Russia Isn't Really Slaughtering Innocent Folks in Ukraine...

Yes, "Enjoy Your
Popcorn," Yes
You've Never
Been to


or Faced
Death Like
Some of Us Have;

Yet It's Just Annoying
to me; About The Size of A
Gnat in Heaven Over HeaR....



Now It's True, There Are Some 'Video Game Images of Battles' Being
Used on Social Media For Selfish Attention/Money Getting; Yet That's The Size

of "The
Monster of
Consuming Each
Other in A Real
Human 'Zombie
Apocalypse' Without A Frigging Human Soul;
A Greatest Modern Human Pandemic, Ignorance Without A Soul."

Other than That Thanks For the DarK Muse; LiGHT or DarK; Don't Matter to me...

That's Life...

And This is ALL ReaLiTy....

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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28 Feb 2022, 8:00 pm

r00tb33r wrote:
The_Walrus wrote:
You’re still not answering the question.

Why would finding out that this is a Kh-101 instead of a Kh-102 make any difference?

Model would imply usage, ground-to-air, air-to-air, air-to-ground, or ground-to-ground. The usage would imply the likely circumstances of how it was fired, and possibly by whom. That's as direct of an answer as you can possibly get.

Are you able to contribute anything of value here?

fair enough. I'm wondering though how knowing if it was ground-to-air or air-to-air is revealing anything. I mean, wouldn't it all only make sense in combination with footage of the missile being fired - so you could check if the missile fired was at least the same model seen impacting?
And then you'd have to identify the people firing. Easy if they are in a Russian or a Ukranian fighter jet, except I can model and render that in blender and make a video indistinguishable with the naked eye from real footage.
I appreciate your attempt at fact checking images from a war, butbI'm afraid we're so far removed from access to information, unless Reuters makes a horrible blunder, we have no chance of finding out anything we're not supposed to, let alone some big scoop that completely changes the image.

personally, although I find the Ukranian defense admirable, I don't believe they are as successful as portrayed in the media. The Russian forces are just that much stronger.But I get that half of any war is information warfare. It's about instilling the image of young Russians needlessly dying in Ukraine - so the Russian population will start to rebel against their president. Not the worst strategy in a war of images.

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28 Feb 2022, 9:57 pm

magz wrote:

<oh, I know, you're safe... enjoy your popcorn.>

OUCH! 8O :mrgreen:

Laughter is the best medicine. Age-appropriate behaviour is an arbitrary NT social construct.
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If I'm so bad, pass me by. ;)

And one more thing,

Also, as George Carlin said, "I have no stake in the outcome." I'll stick around for the comedy.

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28 Feb 2022, 11:11 pm

Pepe wrote:
magz wrote:

<oh, I know, you're safe... enjoy your popcorn.>

OUCH! 8O :mrgreen:

Oh, don't tell me about popcorn. A coworker burned a bag of it in the microwave... My room at the office is right across from the kitchen. Not only did he stink up the whole office, char the microwave, the poor thing stopped working now. It's a sickening smell when it's all burnt. I think the fact that it's buttered doesn't help, I think that's half the smell right there.

I once ate so much of it that I felt sick... Then for a few years whenever I smelled it I would gag.

It's a humanitarian crisis here without a microwave. :lol: :lmao: