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02 Mar 2022, 11:00 am

MoMI to host Marvels of Media Awards honoring creators with autism

The Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) is launching the Marvels of Media Awards to celebrate creators with autism starting on March 31.

“We are looking for uniquely talented people who have tapped into their creativity and interests to create extraordinary media art,” Carl Goodman, MoMI’s Executive Director, said.

This will be the country’s first-ever media awards ceremony and film festival that showcases the work of autistic creatives across the world. Vice-Chairman of AMC Networks Josh Sapan will lead the event.

For those that have been selected, a panel will review the works. Panelists will include President of the Jim Henson Foundation Cheryl Henson; Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer; Screenwriter/Filmmaker Tony Spiridakis and more!

Throughout April, the festival will be open to the public for no cost, displaying the honorees’ works and representing creators from different backgrounds.

“If you know someone on the autism spectrum who has made innovative contributions to the media arts, whether they are a student, new to the field, or a seasoned expert, please consider nominating them for this groundbreaking new project to recognize the artistry of autistic media-makers,” Goodman said.

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