Podcast/Youtube Channel recomendations?

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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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08 Mar 2022, 12:40 pm

I'm a recently diagnosed 22 year old man with autism and I find I struggle really heavily with socialization and self confidence. Do you guys have any podcasts or Youtube channels that provide helpful insight and actions to actively improve on these areas? Or just general tips that help you with your daily motions.

Thank you!


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29 Mar 2022, 1:30 pm

Hi returnOfThePleb, interesting question that I was very much interested in myself when I was your age (especially with regards to dating). Although I could recommend you all kinds of information, the truth is that for NDs much of it is irrelevant as it doesn't take into account our particular needs and experience of life. I would thus always recommend to listen to people that actually know what your life is like as an ND.

For me personally, I have found channels very helpful that look at life through the lense of someone with Aspergers. If you are on the spectrum as well, then I can highly recommend "Aspergers from the Inside" and "Yo Samdy Sam" on YouTube. Although they cover a wide range of topics, they also have some really good videos on socializing and developing confidence as an ND.