Lack and erasure of neurodiverse representation in comics

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11 Mar 2022, 11:33 pm

Fern wrote:
dorkseid wrote:
Like much of the media nowadays, despite their commitment to diverse representation; DC and Marvel continue to exclude neurodiversity from their representation.

Until they get neruodiverse writers and illustrators on their team, I don't think you'd like the way they depict neurodiversity though.

David Mack is a comic book artist/writer who in the past has self-identified as being an Aspergian (he said so at a panel I attended once). He worked for a time on Daredevil, before going off to make is own series (Kabuki). Although he never outright depicted neurodiverse characters, there was a scene in Kabuki: The Alchemy, where he wrote himself in as the person sitting next to the main character on a plane, telling her about his childhood interests. I really liked it.

David Mack's most notable achievement at Marvel was the creations of the character Echo, who recently appeared in Hawkeye on Disney Plus. She is a hearing impaired Native American savant. A very cool character.