I don't understand "global warming"/"climate change"

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07 Apr 2022, 4:29 am

Texasmoneyman300 wrote:
Pepe wrote:
Texasmoneyman300 wrote:
magz wrote:
Texasmoneyman300 wrote:
I’ll just agree to disagree but here in Texas the industry won’t run out anytime soon like of course Everyone thought we we would out of oil in the seventies but fracking happened
And to hell with all the parts of the world that are not Texas oil industry? :scratch:

Well I doing my oil pumping not just for Texas the Texas oil industry is in every part of the world but the whole world really needs Texas and the entire Permian basin

I'd rather get oil from you than that war-mongering psychopath. 8)

I hope some of my Texas tea makes it to Australia

I hope our government invests more in alternative energy


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07 Apr 2022, 4:39 am

Me too. The wind energy industry has really helped my part of Texas I am kind of an all of the above kind of guy I hope to own wind farms someday