So is there a dating forum or website for those with ASD?

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29 Apr 2022, 3:26 pm

I ask this because the few sites I have found along those lines are scam sites operated by Russian hackers trying to vacuum your bank account. I've been single for several years now, wondering why I always seemed to lose -- now that I know I am on the spectrum, perhaps I should find someone also on the spectrum that is more capable of understanding. Hopefully there is a subforum of this site where we can try to find someone we click with? If not, maybe there should be.

I don't know how to act my age, I've never been this old before. Which begs the question....
Since ASD means various parts of the brain stop developing at various ages...
Just how the hell am I supposed to know WHICH age to act, anyway? :lol:

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29 Apr 2022, 4:22 pm

I tried most all the paid Aspie related dating sites when I was single about 12 years ago & they were ALL SCAMS. I would get notifications about women being in my area which was kinda rural & the women looked like they coulda been models.

There's been at least a few dating sites created by people on the spectrum for others on the spectrum & there were about 10x as many men as women on them. Aspergers is diagnosed 4x more in guys than women & Aspie guys tend to be more interested in relationships with Aspie women than Aspie women wanting relationships with Aspie guys. Aspergers is thought by some as being an extreme male brain so Aspie women can probably relate better to NT men than Aspie men can relate to NT women. The dating & social roles tend to be kinda different for men & women. Plus Aspergers is small minority so we tend to be very spread out from each other unless we live in a big city. An Aspie dating site is just not practical for Aspie guys due to them having such extremely low odds of finding anyone, but all hope it's not lost.

Some couples have gotten together on this forum, I'm one of them. It helps to be an active member & post in a variety of sections & types of topics. Some Aspies have also had good luck on forums or support groups/clubs geared towards people with a variety of mental issues or disabilities in general.

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