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06 May 2022, 5:41 pm

Numbers aren't all in and tallied yet, but, it only took me ~4 hours to crowd fund $7,000.00 (possibly + tax, but not likely delivery as we have a truck and trailer) for a surprise 40th birthday present for my best friend/boss. He spent $3k on my 39th bday present last year, so I'm in for half. The rest is mostly split up amongst coworkers, a bit from a few of his friends, maybe some from his parents/family if they're in and then whatever is remaining will be covered by a coworker/friend that has an extremely high income from his other job.

I was gonna order him a $240 Lego car.. :lol: But then I was reminded in our office chat of the One material possession he's said he'd LOVE to own someday.. his favourite video arcade game from back in the day. Sega Outrun. The original ~1984 version is next to impossible to get, and the Outrunners version is the same, but Outrun 2 from the early 90's is still obtainable.. at a cost of $3500/seat, so $7k for a double.

Yes, it's crazy. But, it won't go down in value if it's ever resold.. And it would absolutely Blow His MIND to open up the company race car trailer to find it hidden inside on his actual birthday. So, I got to work asking around the office and texting remote workers/family/friends, and in under 4 hours it's a green-light Go! Gonna call and tentatively place the order/make arrangements to go see it in person early next week. It's coming from a wholesaler that my uncle deals with so the guy isn't gonna over charge for something in terrible shape or anything.. has a single and double - double I thought.. hmm, more than twice as good to be racing against someone else at the same time! Yeah yeah, he already has a pair of modern pc racing simulators with wrap around monitors and surround sound speakers etc that cost something like 6 grand a piece.. but This Is Different -> This is the Ultimate in nostalgia factor.. and he'll never blow the money on it, whether personal or business funds, sooooo what do you get the guy who has ~10 cars and doesn't Need anything ? His favourite arcade game, obvi. 8)

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