New ways on how to test for milder form of ASD.

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10 May 2022, 11:38 pm

Normally parents are the ones who spot symptoms of ASD early on, but when it comes to milder symptoms of ASD, the only person who can determine if you have milder form of ASD is you, because it's impossible to investigate childhood as there will be no reports of you showing symptoms of ASD, and there should be new ways to do tests for ASD in adulthood.

Here is how to test for milder symptoms of ASD that is was not manifested until much later in life or masked:

A teenager or an adult comes to a professional for a test for diagnosis of ASD, the only problem is that it is so mild, that there were no reports of behaviors related to ASD, and asking patent's parents is useless, because parents will say that a teenager or an adult doesn't show symptoms of ASD, but they are wrong.

The only way to test for ASD in those situations, is to ask a patient what is going on their mind, and the patent will say that they meet the diagnostic criteria for A and B for ASD, but those symptoms are in their mind, and they expressed that social rules became too complicated as they got older, and can't adapt to those social demands. It's is logical to assume that they had symptoms of ASD from the beginning, but just have much better social skills, so that patent neets the diagnostic criteria for B more than A.

That is where late age onset for ASD confusion comes from, but ASD is a neurodevelopental disorder.