How Advisors With Autism, ADHD, and Other Neurodivergent...

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17 May 2022, 2:19 pm


"How Advisors With Autism, ADHD, and Other Neurodivergent Traits Are Stepping Out of the Shadows"

Odds are that most financial advisory firms have team members who are neurodivergent—individuals who have ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or another manifestation of brain functioning different from what’s commonly considered typical or normal.

While more advisors are specializing in working with special-needs clients, advisors themselves who are neurodivergent have, until recently, been a hidden minority, left to cope with professional challenges on their own.

But that’s beginning to change. Last fall the Financial Planning Association launched a first of its kind support group, called “Neurodivergent Planner Knowledge Circle.” Other online community groups have formed since then as neurodivergent advisors increasingly attempt to focus industry attention on their needs, strengths, and challenges.

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18 May 2022, 11:40 am

It would be a welcome change from those with designer drug habits and other pecadilos who have wrought much harm on the world.
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