Dissonance between article texts and images

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17 May 2022, 3:13 pm

I wonder how much of that goes on as general practice:
Dr Saffron O'Neill
Dissonance between article texts and images could be very stark.

From: https://news.yahoo.com/uk-faces-record- ... 39584.html
UK faces ‘record’ heatwaves this summer – and it’s not a cause for celebration
Samuel Webb
Tue, May 17, 2022, 7:38 AM

Much of the UK press is breathlessly reporting the nation is set for the ‘hottest summer ever’ with ‘at least five heatwaves’ on the horizon.

News outlets published pictures of bikini-clad beachgoers enjoying the sunshine, and quoted James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, who said: “The overall summer forecast is now pointing towards at least four or five major heatwaves.”

The Met Office’s three-month weather outlook is more conservative, with forecasters predicting a “40% chance” this summer “will be significantly hotter than average” and just a 10% probability that temperatures will be cooler.

But what many of these joyful news reports fail to mention is that these heatwaves are a direct result of climate change – and could cause sickness and death.

Dr Saffron O’Neill of Exeter University led a study into the way extreme weather events are reported in France, Germany, the Netherlands and UK, particularly the use of pictures.

She says heatwaves are framed as ‘fun in the sun’ with photographs of people on the beach or by water, but even when images did depict the danger of heat extremes, the vulnerable people most at risk – such as children and the elderly – were largely absent.

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