Learning to live with your Aspergers Syndrome

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22 May 2022, 3:19 pm

Noamx wrote:
I appreciate your desire to share your thoughts about all this anyways, even if you come across as weird compared to how other people have replied here, and considering this whole forums are all about the Asperger Syndrome and the forums owner / admin has the Syndrome himself, and so on... I think it all works out well because of all that, and is legitimate if I encounter people with similar symptoms to mine, who have made mistakes, and it was also my mistake to be rude about it earlier, so I'm sorry, but I'm sure even without my apology now, you didnt really take it personally.

In general, yes, I can tell, what other people are thinking by the way they write, but not all the time, and I dont always accurately know 100% of the time what is going on. I think most assumptions I make are correct, but some might be incorrect here and there, but some I also dont share with others, just like anything else I dont share with others if I think others will not enjoy hearing it. Its part of dealing with a very significant symptom of Aspergers Syndrome, a symptom you all have also might not have noticed about yourselves always. The symptom is basically, not knowing when to shut up or how to use the right words to say what you have to say. If you choose the wrong words, you can piss someone off even if that wasnt your intention. If you have no idea if what you have to say will piss them off or not, its better of to just shut up, even though that might be unfair sometimes, but its better off than taking the risk of hurting someone else's feelings. The whole idea is to be able to deal with the symptom of being unable to know always how to behave in a way other people would like to see. If you know how to behave in a way other people would like or enjoy, go ahead, if not, just remain silent and thats way better than doing something stupid which ruins things for you.

Yeah, its a lesson I have learned the hard way unfortunately, but still learned it, and it helped me alot. I hope it helps you too. The whole Asperger Syndrome is one big complicated problem, but thanks to my special abilities caused by the Syndrome, I have been able to deal with some of the symptoms in a very unique way. But sometimes I have to work really hard to do so, so its a lot more hassle for me than normal people who dont work hard to do the same thing. And sometimes they can see I work hard to appear normal, so I also need to work to hide this "working hard" appearance by remaining calm and speaking in a low tone and so on.

That and your previous post, where you're attacking Fireblossom and calling this an unhealthy community, does not read like you've learned this lesson you speak of.

Please try to be respectful.

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