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Do you have mostly big problems or small problems in your life?
Big Problems. 33%  33%  [ 1 ]
Small Problems. 67%  67%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 3

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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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19 May 2022, 4:36 am

We all have problems in life, but this time, what I wanted to talk to you about is the problem's size. How you decide what the problem's size is, and of course, how you deal with a problem based on its size.

Basically, there are small problems, medium problems, and big problems, I guess. You can probably say there are more sizes than that, but I dont want to make things too complicated now.

So yeah, there are 3 main problem sizes. Lets take small problems first. Well, for you, what is a small problem? For me, a small problem is like when something bothers me but not to the extent I would be so miserable about it. I can live with it, and thats what a small problem is for me probably, a problem I can live with.

And a Big problem for me is a problem I cant live with. Thats why I call it a big problem. Thats how I decide if it was big or small. So yeah, based on this, I can tell to make a difference between small and big problems.

Can you guys please share how you define a big problem or small problem and how you decided the problem's size, of the problems in your life in generally?


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19 May 2022, 4:43 am

I know that lots of what I considered big problems turned out to be small problems. Or even no actual problem at all.


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19 May 2022, 7:33 am

For me, I have two:

Big problem = life threatening or changing (changing in a dramatic way)
Small problem = no big deal in the end

Sometimes a small problem can turn into a big problem, so some are worth watching closer than the rest. We sometimes also don't have a say over the big ones either, so worrying too much about those ones isn't always worth the pain, even if it's often impossible not to worry too much.

This is of course if I'm thinking rationally. I'm sometimes irrational and don't care about big problems either, but that's born from mental illness, so we can discount that one.