Anyone experiencing any UAP activity near the home?

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Emu Egg
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29 May 2022, 7:00 pm

Hi! Has anyone been experiencing any UAP activity near their home? I live near Fort Worth and have been noticing a lot and I was never into the topic before and then right after the start of this activity I realized the government was having a public hearing about them and have admitted there are many unexplainable sightings that they cannot say what they are and they admitted that there is technology that is way more advanced than what any known human government possesses. I have never been into UFOs before because of my belief system so although this in no way causes me to doubt my belief system I am now getting nightly UFO/UAP sightings from my backyard and am documenting it on videos. I have reached out to several organizations and even put in one report to a governmental agency (can't remember what it was called) and have not heard back but did mention my youtube channel where I document it. Anyways, I thought I would mention it in a post and see if anyone else is going through this on this forum...


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29 May 2022, 8:05 pm

With my health the inconvenience it has become I am indoors a lot more than previously and therefore look at the sky a lot less than previously.

Being not overly far from Whiteman AFB in Missouri we do have some interesting things pass through our sky.

And we are under a lot of airliner routes.

I do not have any UAP activity to report.

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30 May 2022, 3:41 am

Sounds like your backyard has suddenly become a hangout for....the worst riff raff in the galaxy!

The aliens dont bother us much here in the Maryland suburbs of the nation's capital.

Some years ago a young lady friend was all excited about having seen a UFO. And she described it in detail. "It was big and black, and looked like a plane without a tail, and ...." I realized that what she was describing was a B2 stealth bomber. And I told her "I dont blame you...they LOOK like alien space craft...but thats all it was. And you live not far from Andrews AFB."

Later she reported back that "I saw a picture in a book, and yes it WAS a B2 bomber".

What is your Utube channel? Can we watch?

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30 May 2022, 5:34 am

At home, no. At work, yes.

When I was a little boy I thought I saw them at home. But in truth I just lived near a small airport.