Nervous Tick During Uncomfortable Convos

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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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04 Jun 2022, 7:04 pm

I get these nervous ticks when I'm in uncomfortable conversations like when I feel like I'm being judged, attacked, or criticized. I used to have a German shepherd and I ran my hands through her fur and hugged her. Now that she's gone (with no new dog or pet on the horizon) I rub the sides of my head, run my hands through my hair, rub my forearms, rub my hands, and rub my face, hug myself. I've tried stress balls/toys but have several concussions so I lose them or forget them at home.

I also get upset when conversations go on too long and when I feel like someone repeating themselves. It seems to be consistent to when i feel nagged. It makes me want to scream.This is also a time where my nervous ticks come in so I don't scream. It's makes me want to scream, "shut up" and I know that's not acceptable.

I've come to realize I'm a very sensory person so things that are sensory are great. (Hence the hair/arm rubbing)

Thanks in advance for the help.