Lost Ark players with small Steam accounts

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07 Jun 2022, 2:36 am

As of this weekly update, Lost Ark players with small Steam accounts will no longer be able to initiate player-to-player trades. However, trade requests can be accepted. Additionally, they will no longer be able send in-game gifts, swap Royal Crystals for gold, or send mail in-game with attachments.

"Additional enhancements to our anti-cheat programs have been added in this update to prevent cheaters and bots," the devs say in the announcement "alongside a few more changes we've developed using Smilegate RPG behind the scenes. We can't spill all our secrets, and those who engage in these types of activities would catch wind. We are aware that this will not solve everything, so we'll continue to crack down on those who make fraudulent purchases as well as bots."

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