Research Project on Autistic Characteristics

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17 Jun 2022, 1:41 pm

Hi all,
I'm posting this on behalf of my husband, who is a psychology professor and is looking for autistic and other neurodiverse collaborators for his research. If you are interested, please do not reply here. Instead, send an email to him at: [email protected]. Thanks.

"I would like to collaborate with people who are not neurotypical on a project to develop a new questionnaire intended to measure a wide variety of characteristics associated with the autism spectrum. Existing questionnaires are, in my opinion, rather narrow in scope and focus exclusively on deficits. They do not measure things that may be important, such as sensory sensitivities, vestibular/proprioceptive difficulties, and mechanical/computer aptitude.

I would especially welcome collaboration from non-neurotypical people who are scientists (especially behavioral scientists), but anyone who is interested in this project who has lived experience as a non-neurotypical person would be very welcome.

The root of this new project is a recently completed project that has just been published (Zhu, Yiqin, Wenting Mu, Marianne G. Chirica, and Howard Berenbaum. 2022. "Testing a theory‐driven Factor Structure of the autism‐spectrum Quotient." Autism Research (Jun 04). doi: ). "

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