Today I learned on my birthday that ...

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20 Jun 2022, 11:12 am

Y'all know that "Today I learned" theme thing ...

Well ...

Today I learned on my birthday that ...

... just because it is your birthday that doesn't exempt you from cleaning your cats' litter boxes! :lol:

Went this morning to take a bag of dirty litter to the apartment dumpster then go run some errands, including buying some more of their prescription food, and the one's pills, at the vet.

Am now resting my ME/CFS body on the bed with Georgie cat tucked between me and this laptop & Grumman cat behind the laptop screen.
Yesterday it was the other way 'round.
The guys seem to have an agreement to take turns with who is in which spot.
I appreciate that.
They are intelligent and sweet fellows.

And all 3 of us are approaching or in senior years now, I'm now 59, Grumman is 14, Georgie is 12.5
I'm on a couple medications. Grumman is on a medication. Georgie is on medicated food.
Us old guys all relate! :lol:

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