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04 Jul 2022, 10:05 am

Prof. Peter Boghossian had a two hour presentation from Dr. Asher on his channel that outlined his findings. I was looking around for a written version and I found this: ... e-becoming

The gist of what Asher is saying is that the ed schools were founded at a time where Marxism in the full old fashion sense was very popular with US progressives, ie. early 20th century, he didn't use the term 'Lysenkoism' but it seems like a pretty good stand-in for what Asher is suggesting ensued and stuck around in these organizations, consequently they retained a rather purist ideological bubble and as colleges filled up on administrators and as people who went through these institutions came out and started teaching K-12 we started seeing the 'weird' political stuff happening starting in the late aughts and accelerating into the mid 2010's.

I'm sure there will be strong opinions on this article as there always will be on topics like this. I'd be the first to admit that I'm not an education major and while I do get the sense that Dr. Asher's writing and presentation seem to have good deductive reasoning there is a slight taste of 'hype', and I can't always tell when people are doing that simply because that's the tools of the trade these days (Tristan Harris's Social Dilemma for example, while correct overall, seemed almost as smarmy and didactic as some of the Truth anti-smoking videos) or because there are angles that would be more obvious if I'd spent more time in the institutions in question to see what grain of truth is getting stretched.

The other thing, TBH, if you want to be able to not have vast contagion on the right it equally has to be dealt with on the left because each awakens the other. I think the worst part of the story was something he mentioned about inner city school teachers getting the sense that the education techniques from these schools were so out of touch that they came to the conclusion that liberals were doing this to keep their kids doing well and further disadvantage inner city school children so that the liberal's children would at least have a better shot at the shrinking pie. It's a cynical take but when you see differential success going to purveyors of BS - that's one place where I can agree that stated intentions and consequences or 'impact' are a bit murky.

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