Man acquitted in Air India bombing shot dead in Surrey

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14 Jul 2022, 2:43 pm ... y-shooting

Well, this is interesting. ~15-20 min drive from home. Basically, everyone believes this guy was in fact behind the bombing - law enforcement investigators, local Sikh community etc - it just couldn’t be proven in court so he skated.

I guess he had a lot of supporters in the Sikh community as his local businesses, including his own bank/credit union, flourished.

I’d imagine his enemies list was pretty long. Families of the deceased, religious extremists from the other side, business people he may have crossed etc.

Hard to say whether this is a one and done Or if now there are going to be religious extremists both locally or internationally (in India) retaliating.. and this assassination just a few weeks after an extremely popular local Sikh rapper was popped in India after the local government rescinded his security detail.

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