Mass shooting at park hours after nearby mall mass shooting

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19 Jul 2022, 5:13 am

EMS couldn't respond to a shooting at a park in Indiana because they were responding to a shooting at a mall

Some emergency responders in Beech Grove, Indiana, couldn't go to the scene of a shooting at a park Sunday because they were responding to a shooting at a mall, the city's mayor said.

"Our Beech Grove EMS ... believe it or not, was not available for this incident," Mayor Dennis Buckley said at a Monday news conference. "Because our ambulances were down helping people at the Greenwood mall."

A few hours later in Beech Grove, at around 9:30 p.m., authorities responded to a report of shots fired at Don Challis Park. Beech Grove is about 11 miles from Greenwood.

"We do know that there were dozens of rounds fired in the park," Beech Grove Deputy Police Chief Tom Hurrle said.
Multiple law enforcement agencies came to the scene to assist, including the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, authorities said.

When police arrived at the park they found multiple gunshot victims. At least one person was killed and three people were injured in the Sunday night shooting, Hurrle said. The three injured victims were transferred to local hospitals and are in stable condition, he said.

The suspects' vehicle is a white Toyota Camry, that may have had a window shot out, authorities said. The gunfire may have been started by two women arguing, officials said, but the investigation is ongoing.

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20 Jul 2022, 2:48 pm

Good Good, my home state sure is trying to outdo itself. I'll have to keep one eye looking over my shoulder next time I'm in the southern suburbs of Indianapolis.

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