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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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22 Jul 2022, 11:22 am

Random thought about masking to fit in.

The meaning of a person is from the latin persona (mask used by actor; role, part, character). So in a very real way to be a person is to wear a mask and play a part. Maybe we, the Autistics, aren't different, maybe we are just aware.


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22 Jul 2022, 11:46 am

As goofy as your op sounds you have a point. Its a paradox that ive pondered myself for a long time.

Aspies complain about having to 'mask' to fit into NT society.

But one of the differences between NTs and aspies is that NTs are much better at being fake, and at putting on social 'masks' themselves.

So be human IS to be fake. So masking is not really an extra burden being put upon us aspies. Being fake is what everyone in society has to do. extra burden on us aspies because... we are impaired at being fake- and have to compete with NTs who are facile at it. So therein lies the rub.


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22 Jul 2022, 3:12 pm

I agree with this. I don't think masking is in our nature. That's why it so exhausting.