Are You Only Intrinsically Motivated To Go To Work?

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02 Aug 2022, 6:10 pm

I think I'd be more motivated if the hours were different. Starting at 8 AM is not ideal. My work isn't bad, however it's not particularly challenging and I wouldn't want to do it until retirement. Still, it's nice being around people who aren't the techie-type, being treated like a wizard for doing a relatively simple task makes a pleasant change. Once I get into the zone, the day goes by faster.

My main motivation is gaining independence and pursing my own interests. One major drawback of the job is that I don't get to make my own designs, I miss creating art. At least now I can start learning how to drive. I am also considering buying a graphics tablet so I can expand in the ways I make art. The most important part is that I really want to get out of this middle of nowhere place. Live my life. Go dancing. Maybe even start going on dates. I am tired of feeling stuck in the present, in one place, with no signs of progression. I just want to let loose a little and have new experiences.

24. Possibly B.A.P.


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07 Aug 2022, 8:35 pm

TB_TB_TB_TB_TB_TB wrote:
Are You Only Intrinsically Motivated To Go To Work?

I am only motivated to work because I want to earn a living wage and put my degrees to use.I would not even be motivated to work at all if there was not a chance I may have to do it instead of living off my trust fund and business income in the future.But only reason why I am open to working is to get a paycheck so I can survive on my own.


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07 Aug 2022, 9:21 pm

Fnord wrote:
(Too bad there is no poll.)


Some people derive their greatest joy from being engaged in their occupations, with the joy being their sole motivation.

Some people derive no such joy, and go to work only to meet living expenses, with the ability to meet expenses being their sole motivation.

Somewhere in-between these two extremes may be where most of us exist -- we derive some joy from our work, and some joy from from staying out of poverty, with both "joys" motivating us to go to work.




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08 Aug 2022, 2:03 pm

The only people who are not, at some level, intrinsically motivated to work are people who are wealthy enough not to have to work.


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08 Aug 2022, 3:02 pm

I enjoy working, it makes me feel useful and i get some socialization. I would appreciate less working hours though, i have trouble balancing free time with work


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08 Aug 2022, 4:08 pm

My job, Lot Attendant, pays 19.50 hour

Minimum wage $15

Compared to other menial labor, my job pays a lot

However I do not earn enough cash for a house, utilities, and a car.

If my job didn't pay, I would not work there

Three months ago, Head Cashier Jim moved to Staples

Last year, ASM Don left the company (but he said he is a Sales Rep now and he is coming once a week and saying hi)

That leaves only one person (out of many), Cortez , I like in the building

After Don and Jim moved away, my motivation to work drastically decreased.

So:. Was that motivation internal or external?