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26 Jul 2022, 11:40 pm

I have ALOT of pain issues in my feet & legs, I have bone pain in my lower leg cuz of when I broke & dislocated my ankle, I have pain in my other leg when I was learning to walk again, I was in health care center, I had to walk on one leg (I could not put pressure on my right leg) I think I damage my left leg, cuz of my Cerebral Pasly. I think I have problems with my muscles tone too, cuz of my Cerebral Pasly. I think I have Fibromyalgia too, my mother had it, I’m reading more about it & more about Cerebral Pasly. It’s hard to walk, I can still walk a little bit, I have good days & bad days. I’m at home all day. My question is will a guy still want me? I have alot of limited of what I can do.

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28 Jul 2022, 10:07 am

I am sure someone will want to date you! I also think you could find a guy with the same issues you have, sure there are plenty of attractive people with physical disabilities out there you could get to know.