Does medications really help Asperger Syndrome itself?

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26 Aug 2022, 1:30 am

skibum wrote:
naturalplastic wrote:

Some WP folks claim that marajuana does that though- makes them more social.
I also know people who use marijuana because it calms them. But again, that's not treating ASD. ASD is not a disease that needs to be treated. We only struggle with ASD because the environment we live in is not suited for out neurological systems. That's not an illness, it's just a lack of consideration on how an NT majority has allowed society to be. And Natural Plastic, this post is directed to the Noamx, not to you.

They can't and the shouldn't accommodate for us.

As for drugs, as others have said you can only treat the comorbids to and noticeable effect. I don't really know what drugs are available but I'm actually.leaning towards the more psychoactive end towards drugs that might actually help.

Herbal and diet changes are only pushed by hippies with zero regard for them actually working.


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26 Aug 2022, 6:53 am

I took creatine supplement about 15 years back as I was going to the gym and wanted to build muscle.

What I never expected within a couple of days my mind was clearer than it ever had been.

Vocabulary that were blocked suddenly became unblocked and the brain fog had cleared.

I felt I was becoming more intelligent.

Creatine is supposedly safe but there are nagging doubts about long term use as it can put stress on your kidneys.

So I stopped after a few weeks then occasionally took again for short bursts.

The effects were the same but today the effects are noticeable but smaller than that of 15 years ago.

There is complex links between the body mitochondrial system/ autism symptoms and creatine so maybe that explains it?

Creatine has also shown to increase memory too in scientific studies

I would recommend anyone give it a go to see if it has the same effect on them. They sell it everywhere these days like health food shops, even seen it in body building chocolate bars in supermarkets that taste horrible.

I wouldn’t advise long term use though.

Also if you give blood it will be rejected as the creatine will be picked up falsely as a blood problem

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26 Aug 2022, 8:05 am

IsabellaLinton wrote:
Pseudoephedrine --- Never heard of it being used for anything but a cold
Codeine -- I'm allergic
Caffeine -- Helps ADHD
Tramadol -- Too strong for me
Dimenhydrinate -- Never tried it

Pretty much the same story with everyone.

"Sudafed" is for clearing your sinuses of mucus when you have a cold. Never heard of it being used as a psychiatric medication. Though ...I have noticed that if you take two, instead of one, it does give you a mild pleasant 'buzz'- not unlike pot. And can be combined with pot. But that has nothing to do with treating any mental condition. Autism nor anything else.

Codeine is an addictive opiate (as I understand it). Cant imagine how it would help with autism. Unless you want all autistics to become opium addicts (so you can kill us all off).

Caffeine? Drinking coffee just wakes you up in the morning. Maybe mildly makes your mind more 'focused', and thus a tiny bit more NT. But coffee doesnt magically turn an autistic into an NT.

The other two drugs I have never heard of at all.


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26 Aug 2022, 9:15 am

I got nothing substantial. For now.

And for now, lemon balm tea does something for me.
Not taking it for aspergers or it's comorbidities.
I was taking it specifically an attempt for my PMS symptoms.

I've only known it for about 2 weeks now. I don't take it regularly, the most I did was 3 nights in a row.
Yet to try on different phases of cycles.

It just removes the overwhelm and pain induced stress and emotional stress related symptoms.
It makes me not-impatient, settles the reactive and involuntary part of my head from having a bigger pull over my actions.

It's supposed to have an effect on sleep -- didn't do much with mine in quality and quantity.
But it's better than melatonin in my own case.

It doesn't solve my working memory issues and other aspects of executive function.
No long term results yet. I've yet to think if I should invest at all.

I cannot take caffeine. Not without feeling jetlagged. Same with melatonin.
I don't know why I get the same type of discomfort even with the supposed opposite effects -- and the effects are not "more sleepy and groggy" and "more awake and alert" respectively, and more like body's perceived time tables moved left and right and equally just as irritable.

Never tried any actual psych meds psychiatric conditions.
Never tried illicit substances.

Never tried anything beyond vitamins so far. Magnesium doesn't to much. Same with calcium. Same can be said when combined... Specifically for PMS and not for autism.
Maybe some fasting... But I can't do that regularly -- not with worrywarts around. :x

The rest -- doesn't do much for me.
Antihistamines doesn't do me favors, and it's intended effects do not work even.

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28 Aug 2022, 12:13 pm

Noamx wrote:
Thanks for the replies mates. Its nice of you to tell me all these things, some of which I didnt even really know about medications.

There are a few non psychiatric medications I took which kind of helped me with some things. However, all of them are non psychiatric medications. Can you explain what you think about these medications and if you took that in the past, and if yes, did it help you or not? Because, for me, for example, these medications have helped me with some anxiety issues, anti social issues, social phobia, bad mood, and so on.


Another one to add to that list ! !!

I have recently found that DHC (Dihydrocodeine) helps me enormously with one of the social deficits my Autism causes me. This is the problem of having difficulty simply talking to people. It's like I have trouble converting my thoughts and feelings into words, let alone words that another person would find interesting. This is the first time I have experienced this since I received my diagnosis, and so I am now very much more self aware of the processes that are going on, or not going on, within me.

Somehow DHC seems to bridge the gaps or dysfunctions in my brain. It literally feels like I have something missing, some connecting neurons or chemistry not firing, and so I simply can't talk to people a lot of the time. It's partly because I'm so inhibited about not wanting to say something weird that I over censor myself, but there is a lot more to it than that.

When I add some DHC then suddenly BOOM those neurons / neural pathways all light up and fire together, and I can talk! Articulately, spontaneously, fluently, in a lively way, all off the top of my head! All of my thoughts are available to me in a coherent and structured way. This is something I typically struggle with a great deal otherwise. One of my favourite writers, Jack London, used to write about having similar effects due to the "kick" from the alcohol he desired to consume. He was wired for this kick and he eventually went on to become an alcoholic. He wrote fascinatingly about the kick that alcohol gave to his mind, in his alcoholic memoirs "John Barleycorn." I may well be wired to have issues with substances if I'm not careful. There is no maybe about it, I definitely am wired in that way. However, I am also careful.

I have no great trouble getting my thoughts together in writing, on forum posts etc, but typically my thoughts otherwise remain locked away so deep in my head in the form of private thoughts that I struggle with conversation. I guess it is a skill that can be learnt or trained to some extent. I used to be able to do it. But DHC magically switches that part of my brain back on / lights up and re-connects those circuits that seem to have dystrophied or atrophied through lack of use.

How frustrating that something that potentially offers a way forward will probably never get funding for studies to investigate this. It absolutely works, but because DHC is seen as an abusable drug it will probably never see the light of day in this regard, although it could potentially transform peoples lives.

I am aware that one cannot extrapolate from ones own experience and assume that the same will automatically follow for everyone else with similar difficulties. However, if it does work for me, I can be certain that I won't be the only person that this works for.

This thread is asking about medications that work for relieving symptoms of ASD. I've named several. Shame they are probably always going to be too controversial in some way to ever be followed up with proper studies. Shame, because these things really do work.


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28 Aug 2022, 5:59 pm

CBD seems to ease off my "uncomfortable in my own body" symptoms. But it doesn't work on me if the dose isn't fairly large.

A prescription blood-pressure lowering drug didn't help my anxiety, and I've been led to think that the only help for it is either to figure out that the danger doesn't matter that much, or to remove the danger. There's always the perceived risk of something seriously nasty at the root of it.

I haven't tried any medications to improve my executive function, and probably wouldn't want to.

I don't take anything to help my social performance. Somehow I can't believe medications would be a bit of help with that, and they might blur my judgement.


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29 Aug 2022, 3:38 am

dhc is addictive, so it could be intoxication, I don't want to be intoxicated all the time and having to go to six different pharmacies etc.

Creatine sounds interesting though