Micky Dolenz Suing Justice Department - FBI Files

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02 Sep 2022, 12:16 am

Micky Dolenz Suing Justice Department Over Access to FBI Files on The Monkees

On Tuesday, The Monkees star filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice to discover what information the Federal Bureau of Investigation holds on him and his former bandmates Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork.

It follows the public release of a small fraction of the band's FBI file just over 10 years ago, which showed that the FBI investigated The Monkees' political affiliations in the late 1960s while the Vietnam War was still raging, reported Rolling Stone.

"During the concert, subliminal messages were depicted on the screen which, in the opinion of [redacted], constituted 'left wing intervention of a political nature,'" read the released portion of the heavily redacted document. "These messages and pictures were flashes of riots, in Berkeley, anti-U.S. messages on the war in Vietnam, racial riots in Selma, Alabama, and similar messages which had received unfavorable response from the audience."

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