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the xpax

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05 Sep 2022, 10:53 am


In a castle dark
and a fortress strong
with chains upon my feet
you know that ghost is me
and I won't ever be set free
because I am a ghost you can't see
did you know I'm aspie
an unseen kind
to suit the minds
of those who won't have us be
yet they know this ghost is real
so we're out of their big Book again
because our cost is far too much to take
just like the research that they make
we confounded them with asterisks
so they just ignore that we exist
never mind
they had to find
me negatively "autistic"
for my aspie to exist
yet now they say
we are that way
though reality persists
all we ghosts still exist
though so caught up in chain
we aspies will remain
with Big Brother's insist
there's no helps left
for our protect
from chain of non-aspie abuse
there is no help of use
so in their castle dark
and their Book so strong
I know I never will be set free
because I am a ghost
that you can't see.