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03 Oct 2022, 8:16 am

I wonder if they would try that with King Charles- I mean lying about proroguing parliament etc.

Hopefully the Queen gave Johnson a slow acting poison in her handshake then :lol:

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03 Oct 2022, 7:41 pm

cyberdad wrote:
Cornflake wrote:
but Catherine seems to be an exception, in that as a "commoner" she just absorbed it all seemingly without difficulties. This was probably helped a great deal by William, being a younger royal and likely free of much of the rigid protocols and stuffiness of his father's generation..

One of Meghan's little fibs was that she didn't know anything about the British royal family before getting introduced to Harry. But her social media posts of 10 years ago suggests she was not only following but also knew had a better than superficial knowledge of William and Harry. However, realistically she probably never considered herself a potential candidate for princess, especially since she is older, a little exotic (both her background and career as a actress) and after her first marriage and the fact that she was not ever going to circulate in the same social circles as William and Harry. When Harry waltzed to the USA to sweep her off her feet that would have taken her by surprise and the whirlwind romance that led to her marriage mean't she had to improvise and concurrently manage her profile to survive the gatekeepers (that was prominently lead by William and his father). Meghan is actually a very intelligent woman and has a masters degree from North/West in communication so that probably helped her to pull of the impossible with Harry.

Everyone knows that Kate Middleton was (in her mind) princess in waiting. She wasn't in the royal family circles directly but through her father's wealthy aristocratic connections she was able to climb social ladders (her parents were social climbers). According to people who knew her, she knew she had the looks, social links and connections to land herself one of the Windsor brothers. She studied everything about the windsors so much so that people thought she was obsessed.

I don't know if her choice of university was to put herself in William's view? or it was just coincidence? but her choice to parade a skimpy dress in front of William knowing her would be at a fashion show on campus was to dangle herself in front of William who was immediately smitten (I mean Kate has always been easy on the eye). She managed to hook a prince, but her commoner background and intense scrutiny from the media nearly did the relationship undone but Kate had weaved her charm over William. And second time was a charm,

Kate had time to prepare/study the ropes so she was much better at coping at the general scrutiny and lack of privacy she would undergo but she knew what to do. Did it impact on her? yes I think it gave an eating disorder (like her passed mother in law Diana) but she seems to have come through the other side unscathed.

This is a big difference between knowing the names and faces of the British royal family, and maybe knowing what's been said in the news, and actually knowing things about the British royal family. In fact, were someone like Meghan to have said, before meeting Harry, that she "knew" about the British royal family, the actual members would probably have scoffed at the statement. Most of the world knows "of" the British royal family. That doesn't mean we actually know anything about the royal family. Living in the commonwealth, you learned things in school, most likely, that we in the US did not. Is it lying to acknowledge that gap?

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04 Oct 2022, 7:55 am

^ An important point, and especially WRT Meghan who is undoubtedly a target of the "lower end" of the UK press.

This is a typical example of poison from a typical tittle-tattle rag that regularly dispenses it -


It would spoil the Mail's narrative by acknowledging that this could simply be the release of their official portrait, and nothing more than that. I wouldn't be surprised that, if it had been released before the one of Charles, there would be accusations of being pushy and trying to upstage him.

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